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Yacht Charter in the Caribbean and Bahamas

Yacht charter in the Caribbean and discover powder-white beaches, turquoise waters teeming with exotic marine life, two thousand miles of coastline, plus hidden reefs and cays. All this makes the Caribbean one of the most desirable charter destinations in the world. Soaked with sun the entire year round, the unrivalled destination of the Caribbean offers simply unforgettable experiences to even the most discerning of travellers.

A Caribbean yacht charter suited to you

Whether you are looking for a multitude of outdoor activities such as diving and water sports or just simply hankering after time spent lying on idyllic beaches of pristine white sands, the Caribbean is the perfect choice.  With over 7000 lush land masses, there are no two islands that are the same.  The sailing is astonishing, the history is varied and the local inhabitants are famed for their hospitality. The Caribbean is overflowing with a combination of natural resources and a never ending selection of incredible scenery waiting to be discovered.

 A little piece of heaven

With the sunny and cheerful blues of the Bahamas, the lush greens of St Lucia’s forests to the intense yellows and reds of Cuba’s sunsets, the Caribbean is a little piece of heaven and deservedly renowned as one of the most beautiful places on earth for a yacht charter.

These gorgeous idyllic islands set among crystal-clear waters exude a truly cosmopolitan vibe with French, British, Spanish, Dutch and North American influences. During your stay you’ll be spoilt for choice for stunning dive sites, pristine reefs, teeming fishing grounds, fresh, vibrant cuisine and exhilarating watersports.

As well as all this you’ll experience the generosity of the locals whose warm welcome will make your Caribbean charter even more memorable.