Discover an East Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter in the East Mediterranean

Prepare for an intoxicating blend of ancient culture and civilisation adorning a magnificent coastline from on board your Mediterranean yacht charter – its azure waters and sheer natural beauty couldn’t feel more different to its Western cousin. The mosaic of islands and nations feels decadently enchanting, being the home to some of Europe’s most breath-taking destinations, from the rich Romanesque wonders of Venice to the cultural melting pot of lively Istanbul. Boasting charming well-preserved honey-coloured buildings, pristine city streets and beautiful blue waters, a yacht charter in the East Mediterranean is the ideal way to simply kick back and relax. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea are over a thousand islands scattered like pearls along the country’s Dalmatian Coast. The East Mediterranean is steeped in cultural and natural history, with graceful, interesting architecture and a great range of national parks. Hop from one island to the next for the perfect way to reveal the many delights of the Greek Islands, which encompass an endless array of stunning coastline views, inviting turquoise waters, secluded coves and the most charming fishing villages. With a reliably warm climate, beautiful natural surroundings and a rich cultural history - there is much to enjoy from a yacht charter in the East Mediterranean.

A Mediterranean Yacht Charter to remember

With the region’s early history populated with fascinating myths and legends, you can expect an eclectic blend of architectural marvels, extraordinary sights and curiosities. While exclusive towns such as Spetses and Rhodes offer glamour and cultural variety, mystical enchantment is never far away in ancient ruins, medieval villages, sacred temples and churches.