Charter Your Yacht

What do Princess Yacht Charter offer me when chartering my yacht?

When you partner with Princess Charter, you’re not just gaining a charter service; you’re embarking on a journey to shape exceptional yachting experiences that mirror your ownership vision.

We can assure you of our unwavering dedication to infuse sophistication, tailor-made bespoke service, and meticulous attention to every facet of the process.

When it comes to charter management, we cover all the charter marketing activities and supervise the whole booking process. We are known for professionalism, responsibility, and a tailor-made approach that meets the requirements of every charter yacht owner.
We will offer you a meticulously designed printed brochure, a tailor-made website showcasing the vessel’s finest attributes, and a presence in our publications, directories, and databases. Additionally, I ensure our active participation in prominent annual charter industry events in Antigua and Barcelona, where we vigorously promote our latest fleet offerings.

At Princess Charter, our focus is to optimize demand for your yacht by creating a distinctive branding strategy that captures the essence of its quality features and the professionalism of the crew. This along with building a reputation from previous guest experiences will help us secure new business and optimise the charter season for your yacht.

As enquiries for chartering the yacht come to life, we oversee the entire process. From handling contracts and collecting funds to ensuring the owner’s interests are safeguarded by thoroughly vetting potential charter clients – we are responsible for every detail associated with offering your yacht for charter and will endeavour to provide a service that meets your needs.

Why should I put my yacht in a charter fleet?

Diminished Operational Expenditure

An active charter yachts holds the potential to alleviate a substantial portion of your operational outlays, encompassing aspects like mooring fees, upkeep, insurance, and crew salaries. Chartering your yacht adds an additional revenue stream that would otherwise be unavailable therefore expediting a return on your investment.

Regular Maintenance

When you engage in chartering your yacht the vessel constantly undergoes both functional and aesthetic upkeep. This entails routine mechanical and cosmetic maintenance. Consequently, the lifespan of the yacht and its equipment is extended.


Obtaining the best crew for the management of your yacht is a key. Not only are they responsible for the upkeep and care of your asset but also in delivering an exceptional service to both you and your clients. Crew are there to deliver your charters and our charters to the highest standards. When chartering your yacht, tips, play a key role and the more the yacht is chartered the more tips are made ensuring more crew satisfaction, and lower turnover whilst increasing their income.
A more proficient crew and content crew yield superior outcomes.

Enhanced Yacht Reputation

A yacht accessible not only for private use but also for chartering fosters an improved market reputation. The elevated status renders your yacht more alluring for future charters, increasing income but also appears more alluring to future buyers.

Turn-Key Use

Because your yacht receives regular maintenance and care after every charter, you can be assured that that your yacht will always be in the best condition when you decide to use it privately.

How often can I charter my Yacht

It is reasonable to anticipate that your yacht will be reserved a minimum of 2-4 weeks in low season and 5-6 weeks in high season. As the owner you can specify the frequency of how much time you would like onboard your vessel.

Why use Princess Yacht Charter as your charter management company?

A strong team of charter brokers in the industry

A strong team of experience brokers. Global presence with an international network of distributors and sub-dealers supporting our charter operation.

The right tools

We possess all the essential tools and expertise required to showcase your yacht effectively within the current charter market. Princess Charter holds official authorization to utilize MYBA charter contract and holds the status of a qualified subscriber to YACHTFOLIO. YACHTFOLIO stands as the most precise repository, encompassing over 1,400 yachts accessible for charter globally. Access to this database is solely granted to accomplished yacht charter brokers meeting stringent qualifications.

The benefit of booking from external brokers worldwide

We work with over 900 brokers worldwide and ensure that they are kept up to date with hard brochures, regular e-flyers and broker announcements.

Modus operandi ‘Quality, Reactivity, Efficiency.’

The size and quality of our fleet in addition to our immaculate reputation is seen as a major asset by brokers large and small worldwide who often prefer to book a PC Central Agency knowing they will get a quality vessel manned by a professional and experienced crew. In today’s market reactivity and efficiency to an initial enquiry is critical to a broker and end client – Princess Charter excels in this domain and will ensure a lightning-fast response is provided within the hour.

Smooth running, professional relations

Our modus operandi ensures that each and every enquiry is treated quickly and efficiently. We present serious enquiries to the owner and liaise with both the captain and owner concerning dates, ports, delivery times and costs to ensure that the yacht’s schedule is realistic. Each potential charter client is vetted to verify that guests are always properly respectful of the yacht and crew.

What can I expect from Princess Yacht Charter?

Once you decide to become of the Princess family a mutual agreement know as a Central Booking Agreement is executed. This document highlights the rights and responsibilities of both you as the owner and Princess Charter. Within this agreement, we also establish a pricing structure and the charter services applicable.

The contract allows flexibility to you, allowing either a fixed term contract, typically one year or an open-ended agreement. Termination of this agreement is feasible through written notification from each party.

Bookings, Promotions & Payments

Upon formalizing the Central Booking Agreement with yourself, our endeavors are directed towards promoting your vessel in the best possible way. We will create a marketing plan for your vessel and make sure that she is strategically placed in the market. It will take a little time for your yacht to gain prominence, depending on her, size and location of course, but because of our strong team of experienced brokers, global presence with an international network of distributers and sub-dealers we can increase awareness swiftly ensuring your yacht receives the demand it deserves.

What are my responsibilities as the yacht owner?

  • Throughout the duration of the Central Booking Agreement, you are not permitted to form any additional business alliances with alternative charter agencies. You are required to redirect any communication from potential agents to our central agency
  • You are not permitted to promote your yacht independently without the consent of Princess Yacht Charter
  • You are obliged to ensure the registration of the vessel and to have valid insurance policies
  • You are obliged to provide the necessary crew in line with the size of vessel
  • Your yacht must be fully prepared before it charters. Cleaning, providing the necessary equipment, providing uniforms and conduct the adequate crew training

If you are considering chartering your yacht with Princess, please complete the below form and we will reach out to you promptly.

Charter my Yacht

Charter My Yacht