Yacht Charter in The Bahamas

Yacht Charter in The Bahamas

The BahamasWhilst the name alone evokes sun kissed beaches, A Bahamas yacht charter is one of the world’s finest destinations when it comes to chartering a yacht and sitting back to relax in what is a dream destination. Mixing coral coastlines, beaches, reefs and forests, there is more to the Bahamas that meets the eye.

The Bahamian island chain begins with Bimini, just 45 miles from Miami, stretching all the way to the Turks, 500 miles to the southwest. The Bahamas is a brilliant charter location that has both excitement or serenity, depending on your mood. Colourful clapboard houses and pristine white sandy beaches invite you ashore whilst conditions for fishing, snorkelling and diving are first-class in the turquoise waters.

Chartering a yacht in The Bahamas is a guaranteed way to soak in the local culture and the local sunlight in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. A treasure trove for Americans, European holidayers are finally discovering this still rather unknown holiday destination.

Why do you need to charter a yacht in The Bahamas? Let’s take a closer look.

What to see on a trip to The Bahamas?

The Bahamas are very popular amongst crewed luxury yachts, whether for charter or for private use. Once upon a time, this is where Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 and has in earlier days been an area sailed by swashbuckling pirates looking for places to bury their plunder in the many secluded anchorages.

But it’s not all just remote life as chartered yacht holidays of The Bahamas will show. Here, you will discover that there is a symmetry and balance between remote beaches and bustling towns.

Bahamas yacht charterConsidered to be the Vegas of the Atlantic Ocean, Paradise Island is unashamedly built for tourist pleasure that encompasses casino’s, shopping centres, five star luxury accommodation and some of the best kept villages you will ever see in your lifetime. This is for the urban/city voyager and certainly somewhere which needs to be seen to be believed.

Part of the Exumas Cay, Staniel Cay is one of the prime yacht experiences in the Bahamas. It seems like the seas and the location were built to be explored here. From snorkeling to waterfront bungalows, kayaks and general waterfront fun all sitting atop of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches that drip all along a vast area.

If you were looking to sit back, relax and let the stress of the world take you away, then here, in Staniel Cay is where you would do it first.

Another part of the total Exumas cay experience, Compass Cay is a luxury getaway that finds itself in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Here, aside from enjoying even more serene and crystal clear waters, some of the most crystal clear waters in the world, you will also get to experience what it is like having sharks swim around you – it’s completely safe! A truly magnificent experience to behold and one that is sure to not be forgotten soon.

Another section of the ephemeral Exumas cay, here, in Highbourne Cay you will truly experience what it is like to relax in complete beauty, and surrounded by one of the worlds most relaxed and breathtaking destinations.

Nassau is the only city of The Bahamas and one that isn’t afraid to show the hustle and bustle that is apparent everywhere you turn. From rum filled bars to happy locals wanting to be a tour guide as soon as they see you, Nassau captures the history of the 18th century and the pirates that used to inhabit this bustling land, and the modern day escapism of today.

Why charter a yacht in The Bahamas?

There are so many things to capture in this island paradise that chartering a yacht in the Bahamas is one of the best ways to see and experience it all.

From sailing port to port, over crystal clear waters or just sitting back and enjoying what paradise truly feels like, chartering a yacht in The Bahamas is a must for anyone that wants to escape the hustle and bustle of home for something very different to the norm.

Bahamas yacht charter

Essential The Bahamas

High season is between mid December to Mid April whilst March sees the incoming American travellers for their annual Spring break.

The currency in the Bahamas is the US Dollar.

English is spoken across the whole of the Bahamas.

How to charter a yacht in the The Bahamas

You can access most of The Bahamas mainly by airport, boat taxis and car on mainland. Princess Charter offer a variety of yachts for charter along The Bahamas and its islands, ranging from 20 metres to 100 metres in length.

To book your perfect getaway, give our team a call 0207 499 5050, or email info@princessyachtcharter.com. Alternatively, leave a few details here, and we’ll call you back.

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