Luxury Yacht Charter in the Seychelles


The paradise of turquoise waters, a place where those who love to swim, exercise, relax or partake in extreme water sports all have a home, and yes, we think that if you don’t love any of those things right now, one trip to Seychelles will completely change your mind. From fishing to extreme game fishing from lagoon diving to beach exploring, there is a reason why Seychelles is called paradise on earth and one look at a picture of Seychelles will tell you everything you need to know. 

From warm seas to rainbow coloured fish in coral gardens, Seychelles offers a smattering of paradise in one cluster of vivid and spectacular locations. If you love the sea, snorkelling or just relaxing to the sounds and sights of the ocean and wildlife, then Seychelles is for you. 

What will you see on a trip to Seychelles? Our chartered yacht hire has a few surprises in store. 

What to see on a trip to Seychelles?

Our 9-day chartered yacht journey of Seychelles beholds everything that you can wish to see on a trip to what is commonly known as the “honeymooners paradise.” Once you see it, you’ll understand why – for those that have only ever heard of it, let us be clear, Mother Nature dealt a more than fantastic hand to the Seychelles that needs to be admired! 

You will start your journey in Mahe the largest island archipelago in Seychelles, defined by its sandy beaches and white granite peaks this is a land that gives with both hands when it comes to indoctrinating you in both the beauty and the culture of Seychelles. From creole architecture to covered market stalls that ooze what this island is all about, here is Seychelles in full swing, and it’s just your first day. 

Curieuse is home to the majestic giant tortoises, as well as sandy beaches that envelop this island getaway. Here you will enjoy the beauty of Seychelles without the over dramatic tourism that can sometimes be seen in other island getaways. Here, we advise taking the trek, boat rides and seeing some beautiful and wild tortoises in their natural habitat, it really is a sight to be seen! 

Further along on our itinerary is a trip to, La Digue. From more beautiful beaches and even more stunning water to relax in, La Digue is the perfect island spot getaway that will leave you so relaxed, it’s very hard to get worked up about pretty much anything whilst you are there. 

Our itinerary also packs in trips to Fregate, Islet and an overnight journey to Desroches. Here, the remote island destination that is away from the usual spots and crowds. This outer ocean island is so stunning, you will want to stay here for a very long time. Unlike the rest of the Seychelles main inner islands, this is a place where the beaches and the land is relatively flat, it is heart-breaking beauty in a small section of the Indian Ocean. Here, you will experience what true island life and stunning views are, this really is a piece of paradise! 

Another skip across the ocean and we sail to Poivre, another flat island getaway. Again, here is your chance to soak up beauty and if you’re a history buff, it is rumoured that this was once the home to Louis Poiret, rumoured to be the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, smuggled out of prison and sent into exile – imagine, exile on a remote island getaway… How terrible. 

Day trips to D’Arros and St Joseph’s bring together the body of the trip whilst our final stop is back to Desroches. So beautiful, we thought you’d want to see it again! 

Why charter a yacht in the Seychelles?

Just ask yourself, where would you rather be? On a yacht chartering some of the most beautiful islands and terrain the world has to offer or, stuck in one place, not experiencing any of that… The answer is rather simple when you think of it.

Chartering a yacht gives you the first-hand experience of languages, cultures, landscapes are all very different when you do it on a chartered yacht. From seeing the crystal blue waters and sandy beaches to enjoying time in creole architecture and relaxing under the sun, Seychelles is the perfect location to see through the lens of a chartered yacht holiday

Essential Seychelles

Looking for a luxury yacht holiday in Seychelles but don’t know much about the countries we cover? Here are some top tips.

Low season is classed as May to September whilst October to April is the high season. This is a tropical climate that is enjoyed year round.  

The currency for Seychelles is the Seychelles rupees (SCR)

The official languages are English, French and Creole. Most Seychellois speak all three.

How to charter a yacht in Seychelles

You can access most of Seychelles by both sea and land but, once there, setting sail and exploring by yacht to is the best way to experience everything the area has to offer and make the holiday your own. 

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