Mahe to Desroches


This nine day yacht charter encompasses the opulent Fregate and also Mahe where the pristine sands last for mile upon mile.

For an itinerary that includes sublime landscapes and turquoise waters that hold endless opportunities for underwater exploration, the Seychelles are a fantastic choice.

Seychelles yacht charter

Our Suggestion

  • Day 1. Mahe, Victoria to Praslin 30 miles
  • Day 2. Praslin to Curieuse 15 miles
  • Day 3. Curieuse to La Digue 15 miles
  • Day 4. La Digue to Fregate to Islet 50 miles
  • Day 5. Islet to Desroches (Overnight) 130 miles
  • Day 6. Desroches to Poivre Atoll 25 miles
  • Day 7. Poivre Atoll to D’Arros 25 miles
  • Day 8. D’Arros to Saint Joseph’s 10 miles
  • Day 9. Saint Joseph’s to Desroches 25 miles

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