Split to Dubrovnik - Yacht Charter Itinerary

Cruising the captivating coastline of Croatia is perhaps one of the highlights of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Travel all the way from the magnificent Split with its colourful historical past through to the mighty Dubrovinik, with its streets full of character and bursting with life during the summer months. Romantic medieval villages, sun kissed beaches and crystal clear waters, this 6 day itinerary is the Dalmatian coastline at its very best.

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Day 1. Split to Stomorska
8 miles

Day 2. Stormorska to Hvar
9 miles

Day 3. Hvar to Korcula
34 miles

Day 4. Korcular to Okuklje
25 miles

Day 5. Okuklje to Sipanska Luka
14 miles

Day 6. Sipanska Luka to Dubrovnik
10 miles