Sitka to Juneau - Yacht Charter Itinerary

There is no other place in the world comparable to Alaska for dramatic scenery that will provide you with spectacular vistas.

Whales can be spotted frequently here whilst they thrive in their natural habitat of ice cold waters and the glaciers will amaze even the most seasoned traveller. Alaska has a wealth of incredible sights that are waiting to be explored.

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Day 1. Sitka to S.E. Chichagof Island
50 miles

Day 2. S.E. Chichagof Island to Tenakee Springs
35 miles

Day 3. Tenakee Springs to Warm Springs Bay
51 miles

Day 4. Warm Springs Bay to Red Bluff
18 miles

Day 5. Red Bluff to The Brothers
40 miles

Day 6. The Brothers to Tracy Arm
40 miles

Day 7. Tracy Arm to Taku
60 miles

Day 8. Taku to Juneau
15 miles