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With a mixture of ancient temples, beaches that stretch for miles and streets filled with markets and restaurants, people know Indonesia – moreover the popular location, Bali, to be a place where the bustle of daily life is interspersed with relaxation wherever you turn. Here, you have nature, island life, incredible surfing, dive sites and hikes all within one glorious spot. This is a rugged landscape that asks you to explore and admire whilst also asking, ‘would you like another drink to go with your beachside views?’

With Indonesia, you are truly experiencing everything that mother nature has to offer. From rugged forests to beaches and volcanoes, each capturing stunning beauty and scenic routes that will leave you breathless for all of the right reasons. Here is a nation that gives with both hands, mixing culture, lifestyles and the environment on a smorgasbord of places that you will have always wanted to visit. 

What will you see on a trip to Indonesia? Our chartered yacht hire has a few surprises in store. 

What to see on a trip to Indonesia?

Our seven-day chartered voyage around Indonesia begins in Bali. A land of the gods as some have described this tropical paradise, and even the sheer mention of the place evokes vivid mental imagery reserved for nature documentaries and crime fiction novelists pulling no punches when talking about this island getaway. Start your journey the right way, experience nature, culture and spirituality in one dramatic swoop. From mountains and volcanoes to hillside temples such as Pura Luhur Batukau, Bali is the only way to begin your voyage around Indonesia. 

Day two doesn’t let up with another getaway that is sure to set the adventurer in you racing off and experiencing everything the island of Lombok has to offer. From trekking to partying, the landscape provides everything you could hope for in these pursuits. What was once just a surfer’s paradise is so much more, giving you the opportunity to experience a different side to Indonesia that travellers have been calling out for in years gone by. 

Experience island paradise with trips to Satonda and Gili Lawalut, the former, a beach paradise getaway, allowing you to soak up the sun and relax in island tranquillity, the later, allowing you to basque in island paradise – from coconut palms and sandy white beaches to an evening party scene that will give you a needed chance to let your hair down and relax in style; days 3 & 4 are something to not be missed. 

Komodo accentuates day 4 and 5, here, this island retreat is considered one of the most important and arguably most beautiful national parks in the world. From the rich marine ecosystem which is a diverse and snorkelers paradise to the hiking treks that will leave you breathless from both the exertion and the views, (the fauna is equally spectacular!) this is also the home of the Komodo dragon. Majestic and dangerous creatures, we advise taking the guided tour to see the home of some of the most beautiful and exotic animals that date back to the late dinosaurs, you won’t regret it!  

Enjoy day trips to Lubuan bajo and Riung, take in the sights of fishing communities and snorkel in pristine and crystalline waters whilst taking in the final days of your chartered yacht around beautiful Indonesia. 

The final day sees you moor up in Moyo, a jungled volcanic rock destination that is approximately half the size of Singapore. Here, you will experience dramatic landscapes, pebbled beaches, jaw-dropping waterfalls and a way of doing things that harp back to earlier times. What a way to end your chartered yacht cruise in Indonesia. 

Why charter a yacht in Indonesia?

Say, “Indonesia”, and you are saying, “I am someone who wants to explore something different every day.” That is what this 17,000 island destination does, it asks a question, and it gets you to find the answer.  

Experiencing different languages, cultures, landscapes is all very different when you do it on a chartered yacht. From seeing the mountains that have evoked spiritual awakenings in communities, to snorkelling off reefs, Indonesia is the perfect location to see through the lense of a chartered yacht holiday. 

Essential Indonesia

Looking for a luxury yacht holiday in Indonesia but don’t know much about the countries we cover? Here are some top tips.

Low season is classed as October to April whilst the shoulder seasons of May, June to September are very popular. July and August is the high season, this is an exceptionally dry season so be prepared for very warm nights! 

The currency for Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiahs.

The official languages are Indonesian & Malay whilst English is spoken throughout Indonesia. More remote areas may require translation. 

How to charter a yacht in Indonesia

You can access most of Indonesia by both sea and land but, once there, setting sail and exploring by yacht to is the best way to experience everything the area has to offer and make the holiday your own. 

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