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Known for its diversity of destinations, climate and luxurious accommodation and all within a sprawling coastline that spans over 10,000 kilometres, Mexico literally has it all. Mexico’s desert paradise is world famous for its brilliant beaches, turquoise waters that stem from the Caribbean Sea, coupled with truly exemplary game fishing and outdoor activities. The only problem you will have whilst visiting is deciding what to choose from.


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Whether you are searching for picturesque villages steeped in history and cultural diversity or simply wanting to sample some of the pristine expansive beaches that benefit from incredible temperatures all year round, Mexico literally has something for everyone. If outdoor activities are of interest, then why not head for Mexico’s illustrious Palace at Palenque. An enormous and luscious jungle that surrounds awe inspiring ruins which are now inhabited by the likes of Howler Monkeys species of Parrots that are rarely found elsewhere in the world. The sense of history felt here is overwhelming and the panoramic views are breath taking. On a livelier note, Mexico City is the vast and vibrant Capital that famously boasts fascination, romance and historical significance. Enchanting boutique hotels, highly recognised restaurants and sophisticated nightclubs are to be found here. Cancun, Acapulco, Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortez are among the most popular spots to visit on a yacht.



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