Luxury Yacht Charter: a week to remember

21st June 2024

As the world’s most exclusive and bespoke form of holiday, a luxury yacht charter can mean different things to different people. At Princess Yacht Charter, we fully understand that. A week on a charter yacht enables you to embrace the hedonism of Ibiza, the sunny cosmopolitanism of Mallorca, the sophistication of the French Riviera or the perfectly preserved loveliness of Croatia. You can prioritise wildlife, sightseeing, watersports or gastronomy.  There’s no doubt that the sheer exclusivity of a private yacht charter also lends itself to a very special form of solitude. You can pick your favourite people in the world, you can narrow down the perfect destination and you can organise your itinerary around remote anchorages, secluded beaches and private events that leave you feeling like you’re the only people in the world. But whether you want all-night parties, UNESCO-protected culture, boutique shopping, A-list activities, traditional beach fun or oceanic seclusion, a week on a luxury yacht with Princess Yacht Charter will always be underpinned by a very particular set of standards…

Arrival at your charter yacht

On arrival at your yacht, a great deal of preparation will already have been done.  Your crew will have been briefed by your charter broker on every element of your itinerary and on the personal preferences of each and every guest.  So while arriving in a foreign country for a regular holiday tends to involve a few of hours of chores and logistics before you can get the fun started, your arrival at your charter yacht should feel very different.  You will be welcomed on board, addressed by name and treated to a relaxing drink that perfectly tallies with your tastes.  And as regards the crew, both the scope of their skillsets and their collective disposition will have been tailored to match your preferences.  If you want diving expertise, you can request it.  If you want fishing tuition, it will be there.  And your crew will have been selected with just as much discernment as your yacht and your destination.  As a result, you can expect to feel thoroughly relaxed (and thoroughly looked after) from the very first moment of your charter experience.

Your bespoke yacht charter itinerary

Most week-long yacht charter itineraries tend to feature between five and seven destinations, including the start and end port.  That broadly translates into a day at each key destination, with relatively modest distances between each stop, to help build some natural flexibility into how the week plays out.  High-profile events like an F1 Grand Prix, a film festival, a fashion show or a yachting regatta can of course introduce less malleable elements to the plan – and the weather is also a factor that has to be respected.  But the world’s most popular yacht charter destinations tend to provide very reliable climatic conditions during the main charter season.  And they also tend to deliver the variety, both in terms of shoreside entertainment and marine topography, to help your Captain overcome any obstacles and adapt the plan on the hoof.

Spontaneous upgrades to the charter plan

Once you find yourself in a special destination with a world-class yacht and a highly capable crew with extensive local knowledge, it’s quite common that you will want to tweak the itinerary.  Perhaps you will fall in love with a place or discover fresh attractions in a region that you want to embrace.  Perhaps, after a couple of days, you will decide that you enjoy spending time on the yacht and you’d like to ease back on a couple of planned shoreside events.  Or you might find that you want to leave the yacht and venture further inland by helicopter for a trek, a sightseeing tour or even a skiing trip.  In all cases, your crew will leverage the full weight of its expertise, where possible, its local contacts and its shoreside support networks to make it happen.

Your fond farewell

Your departure from your Princess Yacht Charter (and from the crew who have spent the week developing an understanding of how to give you a special experience) can often feel like quite a touching moment.  In no other walk of life do you receive such a bespoke and attentive form of service – and naturally, most charter guests leave the yacht with the utmost fondness for the people who have made it feel so unique. They also tend to leave with a very profound sense that yacht charter is something they need to do again, and so your charter broker will be in touch after the completion of your charter holiday to find out how you felt about it.  They will find out which elements of it you particularly enjoyed and, if you want to book something for the following year, they will help you devise a new plan while the availability of yachts and destinations is at its most flexible.

Refining perfection with Princess Yacht Charter

With our extensive network of bases, our varied international fleet, our proven track record and our formal affiliation to the MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), Princess Yacht Charter is well placed to deliver that perfect yacht charter experience. We have charter yachts from 60 to nearly 300 feet, at prices ranging from €18,000 to €875,000 per week.  We have access to destinations from the Mediterranean and northern Europe to the Bahamas, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific.  And we provide 24-hour support both before and during your charter.  If you want to ensure that your next yachting escape is one you will never forget, our team of specialist charter team is ready to help.

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