Enjoy Private Luxury Catamaran Charter

2nd April 2024

Enjoy a special sailing cruise aboard a luxury catamaran

Have you discovered the exceptional advantages of cruising by catamaran yet? As we unveil an exciting selection of catamarans to charter from Princess Charter, it’s time to take a closer look at luxury catamaran sailing.

For a start, catamarans are super versatile. On one hand, they are sporty, offering agile and smooth performance on the water. Then there are spacious interiors that exude a high level of meticulous design and comfort for the whole family.  Here is a quick rundown of the top benefits of catamaran chartering you can enjoy to kick off a terrific 2024.

Steady as she goes

Having two hulls, rather than a monohull, significantly stabilises the catamaran boat. Great news for anyone prone to seasickness, as instead of a stomach-churning rocking motion of the usual 30-45 degrees encountered from a monohulled motor yacht, a catamaran typically tilts at a comfortable 5-10 degrees. There’s no longer the need to worry about the prospect of objects falling off counter tops either. Effortlessly slicing through the waves at speed (with the ability to outpace even an impending storm), catamarans offer a sailing experience that will be consistently smooth and steady.

The luxury of a lot more space

Aboard a catamaran, you will also find that the generous proportions, both inside and out, conjure up an unrestricted liberating feeling. Wide deck spaces mean you can gather together with all the entire family in any given spot, whether it’s dining alfresco or sunbathing and enjoying the best vantage points on your charter cruise. Added to that, the huge panoramic windows in the deck level areas from the lounge and dining spaces to the cabins often look out to 360-degree views of amazing seascapes.

Having two hulls in a catamaran charter holiday is great too for when you are sailing in a party of two family groups, allowing each family to have the privacy of their own separate hull.

Sail to remote idyllic coves (off-limits for traditional yachts)

With a slimmer depth of hull than single-hulled yachts, catamarans win on maneuverability. This gives you the privilege of dropping anchor in the shallowest of waters. Be free to reach sheltered hidden spots, away from the swell. On top of that, what better experience than mooring in remote idyllic hideaways off the tourist trail to swim in secluded shores?

Dynamic speedy performance

Experienced seafarers meanwhile can revel in a catamaran’s sheer sporty performance. Lightweight and engineered with a keel with a low underwater profile, catamarans can hit up to double the speeds of conventional yachts.

Safety first

Pitted against a traditional motor yacht, catamarans encounter less wave resistance and are recognised for their safety credentials, particularly when conditions get harsh. In bad storms, the vessels remain stable and in the case of engine failure have the benefit of another for backup.

Book your Catamaran charter for 2024 now

Princess Charter’s host of luxury catamarans allow you to charter many stunning locations. Discover all the popular and hidden hideaways of the culturally diverse west Mediterranean and the lively Balearics along with the sun-drenched white sandy islands of the Caribbean and the Bahamas. All in pure unadulterated comfort and luxury.

Our catamaran range accommodates families and friends spanning all group sizes. Book a charter for six guests aboard the 18.30m long Otoctone 60 and up to the 11 guests for the 31m Hutiane catamaran.

View our latest range of beautiful modern furnished and equipped catamarans – available to book for charter now.