Why you should charter a yacht in 2024

27th November 2023

For those who have watched Below Deck, you will already be familiar with the world of chartering luxury yachts. Or perhaps you’re a fan of luxury cruise ships and are looking for an exotic holiday that’s tailored more to you and your tastes.

If you want to spend 2024 in some of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations, on a trip that allows for the freedom to do what you want, then a yacht charter is the ideal option.

Chartering a yacht can also be seen as renting a yacht for a period of a week upwards. You will travel to your destination (or multiple destinations) aboard your chosen boat, but also sleep, eat and socialise at sea or docked up.

But don’t worry, you’re not stuck on the yacht the whole time; once you are docked you are obviously free to explore your destination, from tropical islands to European cities. But since the yachts available to charter are often equipped with the latest in modern comforts, you may find yourself enjoying a meal in the dining area, cooked by your very own chef.

Yacht charters take the hard work out of a traditional self-catered holiday. After choosing your yacht, your charter manager will help put together an itinerary of the locations you wish to visit, tailored to your preferences. Then, we will organise the crew. This could be a skipper or captain (or both), with larger yachts even having multiple crew, including a chef! Before you step aboard, inform your charter manager or captain of what groceries and goodies you would like on board. By the time you get there, the fridges and cupboards will be stocked with what you need.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

Here at Princess Yacht Charter, we specialise in luxury holidays aboard Princess Yachts, the British yachts known for their quality and performance.

These are high-end vessels available in top destinations, but their price can compare to a stay on a regular cruise ship. The difference here? More privacy, more options and more freedom.

Our yachts range in sizes, from motor yachts, to superyachts. But Princess have a range of vessels with larger groups in mind. Below we have listed just some of the yachts we offer, and the price if you were to use the entire capacity on board.

Yacht Name Number of Guests Price Per Week Price per Person, per Night
Silver Lining 6 £17,500 £416.67
Free Soul 8 €36,000 €642.86
Shawlife 8 €38,500 €687.50
Kohuba 10 €78,000 €1114.29
Anka 10 €95,000 €1357.14

We can see that yacht charters exist for all party sizes and budgets. So, if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or looking to get away with family or a group of friends, chartering your own boat can be the perfect getaway.

Keep in mind that you will need to cover the Advance Provisioning Allowance too, which covers fuel, food and beverages for your party, any berthing fees, taxes plus anything else required on your journey.

But, we will ensure everything is organised for you once you pay.

What makes chartering a yacht different to other holidays?

For those who enjoy staying in five-star hotels, larger luxury yachts can offer all the amenities a hotel can, such as a gym, cinema room, swimming pool and more. The difference? The mobility! You’ll be travelling on a five-star hotel on the water, able to stop at any marina you wish on the journey.

That freedom extends to those who prefer a luxury cruise. Rather than sharing the facilities with hundreds of strangers, you will be able to enjoy your space in private, with friends and family. Of course your crew will be as present as needed, but all our yacht charters come with their own crew cabins, ensuring you can enjoy time with your loved ones when the time is right.

Chartering a yacht is an experience that you define. Talk to your charter manager about the size of boat you need, the locations you want to visit, the number of guests you want to bring and the facilities your ideal yacht has. Then, let us sort the rest.

How do I charter a yacht?

The first step is to either start with a yacht charter destination, or choose a luxury yacht that has facilities you prefer.

From there, you can fill in a form on your chosen destination or yacht page.

Then our charter manager will be in touch, to build the ideal yacht charter tailored to exactly what you want.

It’s that simple.