Luxury Yacht Charter in Thailand & Phuket


Looking for pristine waters? Visit Pattaya on the Ko Chang Archipelago. Looking for volcanic island beaches, and sea life? Go to Phuket. Want to discover dramatic limestone landscapes, endless lagoons and lush tropical vegetation? Take a trip to the Malay Peninsula. This is just a tip of what Thailand has to offer, to be honest, what more could you possibly want? 

The question is rhetorical, we know, but getting a chartered yacht for a trip around Thailand leaves you with few surprises in store. Here you will discover a new world, and we don’t mean this lightly. Take a look at what a chartered trip around this wonderful nation has to offer.  

What to see on a trip to Thailand?

Our 10-day chartered yacht journey of Thailand really is the travellers’ paradise. Throw the question of Thailand into the mix of “places you have always wanted to visit but never made the effort” then, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to discovering a location that you’ve heard so much about, but never found out for yourself. The heady mixture of friendly, fun loving and culture hot spot, where joy is found in a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains or just eating your way through a varied and bountiful cuisine.

We start in Phuket. You will have seen and heard about Phuket from those that love to travel, to those that love to look on last-minute getaways but never truly leave. Here in Thailand’s largest island you have beauty that you can only imagine – from pearly white beaches to capturing underwater wonders, it really has everything your holiday start should begin with, bliss. Enjoy the culture, the food scene, mansions and shrines, this is the juxtaposition of life you can admire in one remote area. 

Our chartered yacht journeys take you to the Similan Islands – perfect for the water explorer and Ao Bang Thao, a land where old and new life mix. From the fishing villages and industries to the upstarts and Michelin star cooking, you really are spoilt in this wondrous land that sits on the western coast of Phuket. 

The course of our chartered yacht journeys take in islands and retreats that include, Koh Ping Kan, Koh Roi, Koh Hong, Koh Dam Hok and the Phi Phi Islands, a picture postcard island getaway with typical tropical beaches, stunning rock formations and yes, you may have guessed it, beautiful aquatic life. One interesting fact about Phi Phi Islands – Leonardo Di Caprio’s, The Beach was filmed here!

Our chartered journey continues to fabulous island destinations such as Koh Rok Nok and the Butang Group, both capturing what it means to be alive on the open ocean and the later particularly famous for coral diving and some of the most crystal clear waters you can ever witness. 

We end our journey at Langkawi. An archipelago of 99 islands that are surrounded by pristine waters, and a mainland that is a mixture of picturesque paddy fields and jungle-clad hills! If you were looking to get a game of golf before heading home, staying in more luxury accommodation or just go diving with more tropical fishes, then Langkawi is the perfect place to leave you at the end of your chartered yacht journey of Thailand.

Why charter a yacht in the Thailand?

We think, nay, we believe that the best way to see a nation is to get under its cultural skin, chartering a yacht can do that! From seeing the fishing boats of one island to the hideaways of another, you really have it all when you get sailing on our chartered journeys.

Chartering a yacht gives you the first-hand experience of languages, cultures, landscapes is all very different when you do it on a chartered yacht. Thailand is the perfect location to see through the lense of a chartered yacht holiday when you consider everything it has to offer, and if you were just looking to relax in comfort and quite well, you can do that too!  

Essential Thailand

Looking for a luxury yacht holiday in Thailand but don’t know much about the countries we cover? Here are some top tips.

Low season is classed as July to October whilst November to March is the high season. Shoulder seasons are April to Jun – September to October. Ask in advance for Monsoon season notifications. 

The currency for Thailand is the Baht.

The official language is Thai with English being spoken in major destinations. Translators may be required in more remote areas. 

How to charter a yacht in Thailand

You can access most of Thailand by both sea and land but, once there, setting sail and exploring by yacht to is the best way to experience everything the area has to offer and make the holiday your own. 

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