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Malaysia has fast become a go-to destination for yacht lovers, adventurers and explorers alike. In fact, that’s why we call it, the ‘explorer’s dream’. Once you see Malaysia, you will know why. From picturesque rocky outcrops of land to the occasional volcanic island, there is an array of beauty and landscape that comes to the fore with each and every pass along this beautiful country. This is where the modern city has its place, and the beach has its own; there is no escaping what makes Malaysia beautiful and at the same time a charm to discover.

From the cultural diversity to the ancient rainforests, what you have is a land that is asking to be explored, as well as a pride in being discovered too. Much has been written about the cities, but here, in this very different and very ranging shoreline is a location that leaves those looking to relax in total tranquillity. For those looking to do a spot of something different, like exploring what the nation has to offer on a chartered yacht service around Malaysia then, this is the perfect solution for those that want to mix up the relaxation and entertainment, all in one.

What to see on a trip to Malaysia?

Our six day voyage around Malaysia begins in Langkawi, a stunning and breathtaking archipelago that houses more than 100 islands, sandy beaches, bazaars and popular restaurants and bars all a destination for those looking to start the holiday right! Fish eaters will rejoice at the locally sourced catches, whilst those searching for a bargain will want to know this, since 1987, Langkawi has been tax-free – time to stock up on some essential items before continuing your journey.

Butang Islands are the second stop and here is where those that have a passion for diving can really let themselves go free for the day. Known as one of the best diving spots in the world, you have top-class facilities on the doorstep whilst stunning vistas make the journey go by for those looking to sit back, relax and enjoy their free time aboard the luxury cruising yacht.

Koh Rok and Koh Hong exude everything that you want from a maritime stay; crystalline water, stunning sandy beaches and diving spots aplenty. Here, you have freedom and pastimes colliding into one melting pot of pure, unadulterated relaxation. Take a bike tour of the islands, enjoy locally caught fish or if you’re in the mood for some delicacies, fried-chicken stands with aromatic curry done the way it is meant to be done. Here, being spoilt is a treat, not a chore, enjoy it.

Our journey ends in Koh Racha, another great location for those last day snorkelling excursions or, just a paddle in the pristine waters that surround the island. Here, enjoy local cuisine, local culture and most of all the last few hours that will pass serenely whilst the scenery takes you in for the last time before heading back home.

Why charter a yacht in Malaysia?

Are you looking to go diving? Indulge in water sports or beach pursuits? Find peace and tranquillity on beaches? Or are you looking for all of the above and more? Then you can’t go wrong with Malaysia.

Seeing an area is completely different when you do it on a chartered yacht. Here you get to experience nature at full swing whilst enjoying everything the local culture has to offer as well. Malaysia is the perfect location to see differently, especially through a chartered yacht holiday.

Essential Malaysia

Looking for a luxury yacht holiday in Malaysia but don’t know much about the countries we cover? Here are some top tips.

Low season is classed as March to June whilst the shoulder seasons of July through to November provide to be very popular. December to February is the high season but be aware that this coincides with monsoon season as well; please be aware that booking may be limited in the higher season period.

The currency used in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit.

The official language is Malay whilst English is spoken throughout Malaysia. More remote areas may require translation.

How to charter a yacht in Malaysia

You can access most of Malaysia by both sea and land but, once there, setting sail and exploring by yacht to is the best way to experience everything the area has to offer and make the holiday your own.

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