Chartering a yacht: Luxury Charter

19th April 2024

Chartering a yacht is not only much more accessible than ever before. It’s also much easier to customise. The advent of affordable international flights has made remote destinations more accessible. Developments in materials and construction techniques have enabled builders to create larger, more capable yachts. And as new technologies have found their way into production and semi-custom superyachts, as well as bespoke one-off projects, both the number and scale of yacht hire opportunities have rocketed. Everything, from the destination to the yacht, the crew, the food, the activities, the timings, the on board toys and the cruising itinerary, is now yours to define. So if you’re in search of a one-off yachting holiday that will furnish you with a lifetime of special memories, there has never been a better time to achieve it.

A broader yacht charter choice

The sheer breadth of yachts now available is extraordinary. At Princess Yacht Charter, we have access to a plethora of yachts from 60 to nearly 300 feet, at prices ranging from €16,000 to €875,000 per week. Even after you factor in the advanced provisioning allowance and the crew tip, that means that an all-in week’s rental of a charter-optimised eight-berth yacht like a Princess 62 could easily work out at less than €2,500 per person. And at the other end of the scale, the kinds of features and facilities you can now expect from your charter yacht are limited only by your budget and your imagination.

For instance, if you enjoy the idea of staying on board and being properly pampered, you might want to hire a yacht with a gym, a dedicated cinema or a fully equipped spa. If you like to be a little more active and really engage with the marine environment, you might want to rent a yacht with a beach club, private balconies, viewing platforms, hot tubs and swimming pools. And if you want to take it a step further, you can factor in a range of toys too, from jetskis, tenders and inflatables to skis, paddleboards, professional SCUBA dive stations and even submarines.

A more complete yacht hire service

Most charter yacht crews tend to operate with the same yacht in the same region for several seasons at a time, and the benefits of that are clear. It means your crew can build up first-hand experience of the best local attractions, the most enjoyable bars and restaurants and the finest events. It also enables them to consolidate their understanding of the most sheltered anchorages, the finest dive sites and the most charming off-grid coves and beaches so that they can optimise your yacht hire experience, even if the weather throws up unexpected challenges. The development of close relationships with shoreside suppliers and service professionals also puts your crew in a much better position to come up with effective solutions when an outlandish request from a charter guest confounds the operational itinerary.

While your yacht charter crew should always provide first-class service, it’s worth noting that each crew also has their own distinct character and abilities – and again, that’s yours to define. When you talk to your broker, you can specify a youthful, energetic, gregarious crew or a very formal crew that operates behind the scenes, virtually hidden from view. You can even pick out specific qualifications and talents that you believe would help upgrade your yacht rental experience. Do you want a fishing expert, a dive instructor or a powerboat instructor on board? Perhaps you want a renowned on board chef, a personal trainer or a qualified masseuse or beautician. Whatever your needs might be, they can generally be addressed at the planning stage.

Chartering a yacht: inspiring destinations

No longer is the world of charter split between the seasonal superyacht heartlands of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Certainly, they both retain their unique and special magic, but if you’re looking for something different, you can now drop a pin in virtually any corner of the globe you fancy. How about the remote oceanic archipelagos of the Maldives? How about the vibrant and brilliantly raw cultural colour of Vietnam? What about the vast icy wildernesses of Alaska and Antarctica or the thrilling wildlife havens of Central America’s pristine volcanic jungles? They’re all now on the yacht charter menu – and it’s not just the sheer variety of destinations that has improved beyond all measure. It’s the calibre of the shoreside facilities, activities and entertainments too. While a week’s superyacht charter along the Turkish or Croatian coast might once have proved quite difficult, the growth of the industry has been broadly mirrored by a growth in high-capacity marinas. And in addition to providing all the facilities you need, these developments generally bring with them a variety of bars, restaurants, entertainments and events calendars that are neatly attuned to the elevated appetites of the seasonal yacht charter set.

Chartering a yacht with Princess Yacht Charter

As you might expect, the expansion of the world’s yacht charter fleet has seen a corresponding increase in the sophistication of the superyacht management companies assigned to oversee them. Princess Yacht Charter is a case in point. With offices across the UK and Europe, we have access to the finest yachts and the most exciting destinations in the world. When you approach us with a view to discussing your yacht hire options, we’re able to customise your charter holiday to deliver a unique and perfectly tailored one-off experience. In addition to the destination, the sights and stopovers, the time of year and the budget, we will discuss your ideal events and activities, your preferred food and drink and the kinds of yacht, crew and on board toys you most favour. With first-hand experience of the world’s finest charter yachts and destinations, our brokers are extremely well placed to advise. And as a well-established company with a formal affiliation to the MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), we are proud to provide that back-up 24 hours a day, whenever and wherever you need it.


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