10 FAQs: your dream yacht charter made simple

12th May 2022

A properly organised luxury yacht charter is not just a supremely exclusive indulgence, it’s also one of the most memorable yachting experiences you can have. The combination of a cherry-picked yacht, an attentive crew, a dream location and a personalised itinerary can deliver a calibre of yachting holiday way out of proportion to the cost. And as the possibilities in terms of charter yacht and charter destination increase, so the scope for that unique and special yachting escape gets better and better. So how do you get started? What do you need to know? And how can you make your dream charter holiday a reality? Here are ten key questions and answers to get you underway.

  1. How do I begin the booking process?

When you call Princess Yacht Charter, you will be assigned a specialist Charter Broker, who will ask all the key questions and get a feel for your requirements. They will cover preferred destinations and timings, as well as any interests and special requests from you and your fellow charter guests. That will put us in the perfect position to narrow down a selection of yachts and itineraries that suit your needs.

  1. How do I narrow down the charter destination?

Your preferred timings are likely to have a direct impact on your destination. If you want a ‘winter’ charter, the Caribbean is a great place to look. If you want a peak-season summer charter, the western Med and northern Europe are full of spectacular opportunities. And if you want an early or late season yacht charter, Turkey, Croatia and Greece all offer long seasons from April right through to October. But of course, cost is also a consideration, as are the cruising grounds and the nature of the shoreside entertainments. While some places are superb for watersports, others are great for family fun. While some are perfect for history, others might excel for those in search of food, nightlife or high-end shopping. Whatever it is you want, your broker will have personal and professional experience of the destinations that best match your ideas. And if you want to organise your yacht charter around a specific event, like a food festival or a major regatta, rest assured that can also be done.

  1. How do I narrow down the charter yacht?

At Princess Yacht Charter, we have access to 1,800 yachts from 60 to nearly 300 feet so, as you might imagine, the options are virtually endless. Most charter yachts are affiliated to a particular destination and are generally well equipped in terms of performance, features, toys and tenders to take full advantage of that region’s chief attractions. But again, to narrow it down further, you need to be transparent about what you most enjoy. If you want to engage with the sea, you might want to rent a yacht with a large aft beach club, as well as a range of water toys, like jet tenders, seabobs, wakeboards, paddleboards and SCUBA gear. If you want more in the way of on board pampering, perhaps a Jacuzzi, an outdoor bar, a gym, a cinema or a fully equipped spa might be more your thing. Again, if you are candid with your broker, the most suitable options will quickly come to light.

  1. How do I personalise my charter itinerary?

Once your broker knows the ages, tastes and personalities of you and your guests, the plan can be tailored to encompass everything, from the destination to the yacht, the crew, the food, the activities, the timings, the on board toys and the cruising itinerary itself. Your crew will have in-depth knowledge of both the marine and shoreside attractions, so whether you want mountain hikes, food markets, boutique shops, cultural events, relaxed beach barbecues or serene evening cocktails at anchor, it can all be factored into the plan.

  1. Can I request a specific charter crew?

The fact that the crew tends to come with the yacht means that repeat charter guests will often pick the same yacht in order to be reunited with the same crew. But even as a first-time charter guest, you can still tell your broker what kind of crew you favour. After all, each crew tends to have its own distinct character and abilities – and your broker will be fully acquainted with those. If, for instance, you want a renowned on board chef, a qualified masseuse, a fishing expert or a dive instructor, then make sure you say so.

  1. Can I book two charter yachts in convoy?

If you have a large party, booking two charter yachts and cruising in convoy is perfectly possible, known as tandem charters.  Not only does it add a fresh dimension to the whole experience, but it can often help save a little money on the overall cost of your yacht charter.

  1. Can I change the plan during my charter holiday?

The fact that your crew has intimate knowledge of its local cruising region, as well as a network of shoreside contacts, means it brings tremendous flexibility to the table. They know all the finest anchorages, dive sites, coves and beaches, as well as all the best bars and restaurants. So, if the weather makes a planned event difficult or you just fancy changing the script in the middle of your holiday, your crew is perfectly positioned to adapt your itinerary on the move, within reason.

  1. Can I book a corporate yacht charter?

Absolutely. Very few venues can match a charter yacht as a luxury platform for discreet business negotiations or an upmarket conference. Just like a regular charter holiday, you can pick the yacht, the venue, the duration and the timing and you are also free to add some fun to your business trip by organising your itinerary around a high-profile event or activity.

  1. How much does a yacht charter cost?

In addition to the basic cost of the yacht charter, there are two extra expenses to think about. The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which usually amounts to around 30% to 35% of the yacht charter fee, enables the crew to stock up on fuel and food. The other cost is the tip, which most commonly amounts to about 10% of the charter value and can be paid either directly to the Captain or indirectly via the broker at the end of your charter. That might sound like a lot of money but, when you do your sums, you may be surprised at the overall affordability. At Princess Yacht Charter, for instance, our charter yacht prices range from €16,000 to €3,000,000 per week. Even after you factor in the APA and the crew tip, that means the cost of a week on board an eight-berth yacht like a Princess 62 could easily work out at well under €3,000 per person.

  1. Why should I choose Princess Yacht Charter?

With 10 years of experience, over 700 charters booked and offices in London, the Channel Islands, Spain, the Balearics, Portugal, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland, Princess Yacht Charter has access to some of the finest yachts and the most exciting destinations in the world. Princess Yacht Charter is well versed in delivering unique and perfectly tailored one-off yacht charter experiences. Their brokers have first-hand experience of the world’s finest charter yachts and destinations and, as a well-established company with a formal affiliation to the MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), they routinely provide 24-hour support, seven days a week, before, during and after your charter.

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