Explore one of Europe’s best kept secrets with a tailored charter holiday in Montenegro

29th August 2013

Montenegro remains one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. An up-and-coming yachting paradise, this fascinating country rewards travellers with charismatic towns, challenging hiking paths, deep rafting canyons and smooth fjords. What better way to enjoy this scenery than by chartering a luxury yacht with your tailored itinerary provided by Princess Yacht Charter.

Covered in steep green mountains that slip beneath ancient fortresses and enchanting old cities to the glinting Adriatic below, Montenegro makes for an awe-inspiring sight. Tiny Montenegro runs south to the Albanian border and is framed by pale, craggy mountain ranges hovering protectively over a ribbon of seaside towns, sandy beaches and hidden bays.

Touted as the East Mediterranean’s answer to Monte Carlo, Montenegro is quiet and relaxing, yet lively enough to support a colourful and consuming way of life.