Portofino to Riva Di Triano - Yacht Charter Itinerary

From Portofino all the way to Riva di Traiano spending 7 days cruising the Italian Riviera will leave you with a feeling of revitalisation and a clear understanding of the natural beauty that exists here.

Explore the beautiful Elba which is natural beauty and head then for gems such as Giannutri, which is considered to be an island of true paradise where relaxation reigns supreme.

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Day 1. Portofino to Portovenere
35 miles

Day 2. Portovenere to Elba
80 miles

Day 3. Elba to Punta Ala
20 miles

Day 4. Punta Ala to Goglio
30 miles

Day 5. Giglio to Porto Ercole
15 miles

Day 6. Porto Ercole to Giannutri
15 miles

Day 7. Giannutri to Riva di Traiano
40 miles