Olbia to Calvi - Yacht Charter Itinerary

Take in all the sights that glorious Sardinia has to offer in abundance by cruising for seven days around this picturesque coastline.

Begin this fantastic journey in the glamorous Olbia and head for stunning scenery such as the Maddalena islands which provide magnificent anchorage options. Sardinia glistens with exclusive restaurants, unrivalled boutique shopping and stunning coastline.

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Day 1. Olbia to Isola Tavolara
8 miles

Day 2. Isola Tavolara to Porto Rotondo to Cala di Volpe to Porto Cervo
8 miles

Day 3. Maddalena Islands
5 miles

Day 4. Maddalena Islands to Bonifacio
20 miles

Day 5. Bonifacio to Propriano
32 miles

Day 6. Propriano to Girolta
55 miles

Day 7. Girolta to Calvi
25 miles