Calvi to Porto Cervo - Yacht Charter Itinerary

Travel all the way from Calvi to Porto Cervo on this stunning nine day cruise that takes in all the must see destinations that both Corsica and Sardinia have to offer.

Head for destinations of serenity such as the flawless Desert des Agriates, and Cupabia Beach where white sands and turquoise waters await.

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Day 1. Calvi to St Florent
25 miles

Day 2. St Forent to Desert des Agriates/Saleccia
5 miles

Day 3. Saleccia to Calvi
20 miles

Day 4. Calvi to Girolata (scandola reserve)
25 miles

Day 5. Girolata to Cupabia Beach
50 miles

Day 6. Cupabia Bay to Propriano
8 miles

Day 7. Propriano to Bonifacio
32 miles

Day 8. Cala di Volpe to Porto Cervo
10 miles

Day 9. Porto Cervo